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Paving It Forward

A&A Paving is committed to “Paving it Forward” to our community and charitable organizations on the front lines of helping those in need. On a monthly basis, the team here at A&A volunteers their resources to assist an organization making a difference in the lives of many. We believe that through our efforts that we too are contributing to sharing the love and hope to people in need. Below are some of the organizations that we have had the honor of serving.

Out of the Clear Blue Sky

March 21, 2017

Todd EichholzThe term serendipity, or phrase ‘Happy Accident’, is often mentioned when we think of good tidings or a pleasant surprise that seemingly comes out of nowhere – ‘out of the clear blue sky’.

But those who know Todd Eichholz and Bob Olson will attribute their growing good fortune, and that of their company’s, as one with a source much higher than the blue sky…

From a series of events, starting with a long lunch, a new connection and an invitation to attend the Global Leadership Summit – Todd, his partner Bob Olson, and the entire team at A&A Paving has transformed their company and themselves into a culture of success by treating people fairly, getting involved in serving the greater community and making time for their families.

Global Leadership Summit

Read the article and view the video to learn more about A&A Paving and the GLS:

A Small Business Credits the Summit for Growth and Nationally Recognized Culture


Walk-A-Mile with Wayside Cross Ministries

February 24, 2017

The song, Walk A Mile in My Shoes, written in 1969 by Joe South, later made famous by Elvis Presley, spoke of the need to see the world through each other’s eyes, during a turbulent period in our nation’s history.

Since that time, the phrase has taken on a host of meanings, not the least of which is the call for us to understand the plight of those less fortunate than us.

WAYSIDE CROSS walk a mileEach year the Elgin Wayside Center holds the Walk-A-Mile fundraiser in the middle of February, to help those more fortunate to identify with what the homeless experience on a daily basis. The 1.5 mile trek through the streets of Aurora seeks to bring awareness to the Center’s message of hope and healing to the lost, homeless and hurting.

Inspiring The Next Right Step

And, while guests may come to the Center for food, clothing, and laundry – they receive much more! Since 1993, the Elgin Wayside Center has been transforming the lives of the hurting and needy, with the help of many faithful volunteers.

The Wayside Center helps over 200 individuals every month with practical, life-altering services. As a daytime shelter, the Center operates a job skills program, life skills classes, a job liaison program and one-on-one mentoring relationships while providing lockers, showers, laundry services, meals, two daily Bible studies and personal motivational case management.


A&A Walks With You

Members of the A&A Paving team participated in the 2017, 9th annual walk, raising funds and awareness for this incredible cause, gathering with other volunteers after the walk at an open house to celebrate the fellowship of service and faith.

Operated by Wayside Cross Ministries, the Wayside Center is always on the lookout for caring, compassionate people. There are many ways to help the ministries, including volunteering, donations and business opportunities here.

  Wayside Cross Ministries


Phil’s Friends

January 11, 2017

For Phil Zielke, adversity came at him in the form of stage 4B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma — not once, but twice. Diagnosed in April 2004, he endured aggressive treatments and tested free of the cancer by October that year. In April 2005, doctors told Zielke the cancer had returned. After another round of treatment — this time including a stem cell transplant — Zielke was again cancer-free by November 2005.

He emerged from the cancer with his health, with a deeper faith and with a greater sense of purpose for his life. He would help others through their own fights with cancer.

While still in treatment himself, Zielke thought of the things that gave him comfort — his family and friends, his faith. He envisioned a group of volunteers who would support cancer patients physically and spiritually. And he created Phil’s Friends.

Today, the faith-based outreach program has a network of volunteers who pray for those battling cancer, send over 9200 supportive cards per week, and put together and send care packages to patients. The care packages include items to occupy the mind and comfort the body as well as Bibles to be spiritually encouraging.

Some of the team at A&A Paving were honored to be among the volunteers at this incredible organization in the month of January. While there we assisted in sending hope in the form of care packages, along with love and laughter in the form of cards that will be sent out to 39 different individuals battling Cancer.

Patients or their loved ones can visit the organization’s website, philsfriends.org, to request prayers, cards or the care packages.


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